Photos Speak a Thousand Words

July 21st, 2014

It’s true what they say about a picture being able to speak a thousand words. I’ve been looking at Myrtle Beach real estate for sale online recently and there’s just so much more I can tell about a house from the photos than I can from the descriptions. Sure, we need the facts there but the photos — they say so much more. It’s the photos that provide the real sense, the feel of Myrtle Beach real estate for sale as a home.

Myrtle Beach real estate for saleBut just any old photos won’t do if you’re selling a house. Unless, you’re a professional, don’t attempt to photograph your own home or make your own videos. Photographs are vital to the sale of your home. They’re the marketing materials that enhance the copy that’s written about your home. A video and photos are really the enticement to get potential buyers in the door to see your home. I know it works on me.

Having your home professionally photographed is worth the time and expense involved. If the photographer knows their trade well, the photos will impress viewers. Even better, if a video accompanies the photos, you can place them both on social media sites. Through a video, you can tell a powerful story. The agent or the homeowner can share compelling information about what makes this home unique and special. The message you want to get across in the photos and video will tell a story about the kind of experience buyers will have in this home once they buy it. That is definitely worth a thousand words.

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August 23rd, 2012

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